Penang’s Friendliest Little Italian Restaurant


RM 7.90 Caffè Lungo

RM 8.90 Caffè Latte

RM 8.90 Cappuccino

RM 9.90 Caffè Mocha

RM 7.90 Espresso (Solo)

RM 10.90 Espresso (Doppio)

RM 12.90 Affogato

Cold Beverages

RM 8.90 Iced Coffee

RM 9.90 Ice Blended Cappuccino

RM 9.90 Ice Blended Latte

RM 10.90 Ice Blended Mocha

RM 12.90 Ice Blended Chocolate

RM 6.90 Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink

Hot Chocolates

RM 11.50 Classic Chocolate

RM 11.50 Dark Chocolate

RM 11.50 White Chocolate

RM 11.50 Mint Chococlate

RM 11.50 Rum Chocolate

RM 11.50 Hazelnut Chocolate

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge and applicable government tax.