Penang’s Friendliest Little Italian Restaurant

“Bella Marino” means “Beautiful Sea.”  It is a simple name that pays tribute to our location at Straits Quay, Penang.  We have a patio that overlooks a marina, and beyond it, across the sea, you can see Province Wellesley.

Imagine an Italian restaurant with a Penang personality.

This means that you can walk in as you are.  Dress up or dress down as you please… whatever makes you comfortable and happy.  Reservations are encouraged to prevent disappointment, but if you prefer to take a chance, by all means, walk in and ask for a table.

You can choose to sit inside in air-conditioned comfort in our dining hall.  Or, relax and take in the fresh air outside, in the al-fresco area.

When ordering a pasta dish, you can specify that you prefer linguini instead of spaghetti alla Bella Marino.  An additional plate to share your fettucini carbonara with a friend is not a problem.  No questions asked if you request for more tartare sauce to go with your deep-fried mushrooms.

The main menu listings are in Italian but it is perfectly okay to say “lamb shank” instead of “stinco di agnello brasato alla cacciatore”.  Your waiter or waitress will not smirk or try to impress you by mouthing the whole mouthful with a pseudo-Italian accent.

Whatever your needs may be, you will be served as if you are a guest in a Penang home.  This means the staff will be friendly yet professional.  They do not hover over your table to make you uncomfortable… but they will smile and respond to your needs promptly when you want service.

Above all, the food will to be delicious and the portions will be hearty.  The cuisine is Italian and you get good value for your money.  Your orders are prepared with care, with consistency, and with the love of good food at heart, to meet your expectations.  It’s a Penang thing.

That sums up our concept of “Penang’s friendliest little Italian restaurant”.  If it appeals to you, we would like to welcome you to Bella Marino.  Welcome to your kind of Italian restaurant.